Useful Information

Useful and important information before you book your riding tour.


Icelandic horses are not vaccinated and are therefore susceptible to infectious agents from abroad.Visitors are asked to adopt strict biosecurity measures! 

Importing the following equipment is strictly prohibited:

  • Used riding equipment, such as saddles, bridles, nosebands, pads, rugs, whips, etc.
  • Used riding gloves

Cleaning and disinfection: 

  • Used riding clothes and boots should be washed in a washing machine or dry cleaned prior to entering the country
  • Used riding clothes and boots that cannot be placed in a washing machine or dry cleaned should be washed and disinfected as follows:
  • Rinse thoroughly with detergent
  • Dry
  • Spray with 1% VirkonS® (10g per liter of water)
  • Store for at least 5 days prior to bringing the clothes into contact with horses in Iceland

Thank you for your cooperation – by following these rules you are doing your bit towards Horse Welfare in Iceland! 
More information on this matter can be aquired throught the website of the Icelandic Food & Veterinary Authority:


(please note that we do not have a herd with us on all of our tours - please check under "Type" in each itinerary)

One of the things that makes riding tours in Iceland completely different from tours in other countries is the fact that we take lots of spare horses along when we travel. The sight of 40 – 80 horses running free over the mountain trails with the wind in their mane is a view you will not forget – we promise! On each tour you can expect to ride different horses every day. 

That means that we need at least three to four horses per person. The horses we are not riding run along freely in a herd. Our staff will take care of the herd and if you want to, you can help them with the herding. But please note that you should always follow the instructions by the staff.

We will go over the safety procedures on the first day of the trip. Riding with the herd is an once- in- a -lifetime experience for every rider! 


Individual travel insurance is not included in the tour prices. We urge our guests to purchase relevant travel insurance before visiting Iceland. Guests from Europe should bring their  European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).


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